NETWORK GUITAR This project was the result of a collaboration with an AHRC/New Media Scotland funded research group LEAPP (Laboratory for Laptop and Electro Acoustic Performance Practice. LLEAPP). The NetGuitar is my performance instrument developed specifically from network based improvised performances. It is a standard electric guitar that has been hacked with many additional features. Extra cavity space has been created in the body of the instrument with a milling machine and a custom scratch plate was designed and laser cut to enclose this new cavity area. The new cavity now contains a beagle bone embedded linux computer and an arduino, the arduino takes information from many new sensors, accelerometers and linear and radial potentiometers, switches and buttons all mounted on the custom scratch plate. The NetGuitar communicates to the base station over the zigbee wireless communication protocol and also has a standard RJ45 ethernet port, an android mobile phone running the controlOSC appis also attached to the guitar .