TRACES: RESOUNDING THE LOCAL IN LOCATIVE MUSIC The Traces Project comprise a series of composed site specific instrumental sonic interventions,taking place within both urban and rural soundscapes. While these compositions use the tools of Locative Art, primarily geo-location and ubiquitous mobile computing devices, they aim to reclaim the local with an insistence on remaining an offline network performance. This paper contextualises the work in the wider field of the locative and sonic arts and discusses how the compositions are facilitated through a combination of processes and technological tools the author defines as psychogeoacoustic practice. THELOCATIVEMUSICENSEMBLE.NET


3.342916 -6.269724 <-> 53.344252 -6.269788 Wed Nov 21 19:XX:XX UTC 2012 (ReSounding Dublin 2012) For organ, secondary acoustic and bi-directional audio stream.


Two Traces (Dublin 2012) For clarinet, piccolo and mobile network streams.

Wednsday 12st December 2012 : The Contemporary Music Center, Dublin, Ireland.