These are two score systems I am currently developing and using to make my music. The are both web-based and complient to webstandards utilising html5,css,jacascript and websockets for intercommunications. They both custom webservers developed with NodeJS. NODESCORE NodeScore is a web based framework to facilitate networked telematic ensemble performance. The goal of the NodeScore framework is to allow performers who are connected to a network via a computer/tablet/mobile device to syncronise to a master clock and recieve instructions, in realtime,from a central "conductor/director" as well as being able to communicate with one another. PARALLAXIS SCROLLING SCORE SYSTEM The Parallax Score System is a networked score system targeted at the web-browser. It is a multi-nodal server managed network. Each performer's browser is a node in the system, the performer's scores are tightly synchronised with one another over the network. In a traditional top down hierarchical mode a master/director control interface has individual control over each of the scores,

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