PhD by Practice

My practice based PhD in computer assisted music composition focuses exploring the intersections between open-form/hypertextual compositional idioms and open working practices. The influence of computer networks on compositional thinking, the dissemination of work as well as in the practicalities associated with the creative process is a key research question. How can existing network tools and infrastructure assist in the creation of co-ordinated musical activity; is there a role for “augmented localism” in the human network of a conventional performance space and what are the spaces between local performance and tele-performance and how can this space be explored using network technologies. Do version control systems (traditionally employed for the development and collaboration on computer code) provide a useful framework for the composer (or digital musicologist) to track the compositional process in the domain of computer assisted composition and could this be helpful in the creation of new forms of distributed collaborative and derivative creative works.


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Canning, R The M2 Compositions: A Technical Overview of a Modular Work Flow Towards the Creation of a Video Score. Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), University of Huddersfield, UK. 2011.

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