These are three server based generative installations utilising internet streaming technologies. The combine various scraping scripts with the stream scripting programming language Liquidsoap, Icecast and some glue in bash, python and serverside javascript (NodeJS). RADIOKULTURO.NET simultaneously rebroadcasts and remixes the national classical radio station of every member state of the European Union. SOUNDINGCINEMA.NET "REMIXING THE INTERNET ARCHIVE" - dedicated to remixing creative commons and public domain material and does so through the sole use of free and open source software tools. exploits the latest tools and standards in the world of FLOSS audio streaming. The streams are assembled and encoded using the stream scripting language Liquidsoap and are distributed via its own Icecast Server. streams in open codecs including multichannel Vorbis and now also streaming using the new Opus codec. SYMPHONY OF DEPTFORD Short generative “cut and splice” audio visual work. Collaboration with Adnan Hadzi (PhD Media Studies). Hadzi created a system for database editing and collaborative film making centred around urban regeneration in the Deptford area of south London http:// I created some software that “hacked” his database by randomly auto generating multiscreen composite audio video works from the contributed video/audio material then resubmitting the resulting work back to the database. This work was presented internationally in: Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway 2011, Pajasali Gallery, Suomenlinna Island, Helsinki, 2011. LiWoLi Festival, Linz, Austria 2010.