The Parallax Scrolling Score System (PSSS)

The Parallax Score System is a networked score system targeted at the web-browser. It is a multi-nodal server managed network. Each performer's browser is a node in the system, the performer's scores are tightly synchronised with one another over the network. In a traditional top down hierarchical mode a master/director control interface has individual control over each of the scores,

The score system adopts a familiar scrolling score paradigm, what is novel is that each of the parts of the score can scroll at different speeds from one another. The director of a performance "conducts" by altering the speed of the different performers and subsequently alters the temporal relationship between the parts. When this is observed, the parallax effect is apparent, hence the name of the system.

The scores produced for this system currently use a combination of traditional and graphic notation. Complex, organised rhythmic ensemble playing is made easily accessible to amateur or improvising musicians through the parallax temporal offsets.

The score server is hosted on a local area network, and bidirectional communications and controls are enabled through the use of node.js and websockets. The parallax.js server also sends a stream of OSC data in tandem with the websocket streams to allow integration and synchronisation of live electronics with the score.

The score may also be hosted on the public internet and used in tele-performance scenarios.

PSS is made using open source software (node.js) and adheres to the web standards HTML5, CSS3, Web Sockets and SVG.


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Compositons using PSS:

Parallaxis Version for Four Flutes and Tape Delays.