Workshop : Ljudmila, Ljubljana, Slovenia
24/01/2013 5-8PM

Mainstream traditional music notation tools such as Finale, Sibelius
sometimes just don't cut it when it comes to visually representing
certain types of music. It is often easier to draw what you want by
hand than to try and force these tools to do something they were not
designed to do. OR perhaps you never learnt traditional music notation
properly but have a more visual idea about how you would like to
represent your musical construction.

Cornelius Cardew - "Treatise" 1963-67 - Page 94

In this workshop we will look at some approaches to creating graphical
music notation using tools designed for drawing rather than tools
created specifically for notating western classical music. In this
short workshop (3 hours) we will introduce the vector graphics
software Inkscape. We will cover some tips and tricks that are useful
when realising visual representations of musical ideas and structures
using this software.

No advanced computers skills needed, just the ability to point, click
and drag. The workshop would suit those engaged in the creation of
experimental music that needs, for one of the many reasons, to be
notated.  You should bring a laptop with Inkscape already installed if
possible - Inkscape is available for Linux, OSX and Windows.  It would
save some time if you can install Inkscape before the workshop but
don't worry if you don't have time. http://inkscape.org/download/
Workshop places limited to 12. The workshop is supported and hosted by
Ljudmila that means it's free of charge to you!  BUT you *must*
pre-book a place with the team at Ljudmila delavnica@ljudmila.org You
can email me rob@kiben.net if you have any questions.